Weekly Update: Mar 29th

Covering the time from March 9 to 30, the washer and dryer have hooked up and instruction on their use completed which ended the month long volunteer twice a week laundry service. The family has had outings to City Hall for a welcome by the Mayor, the zoo, Herr Family Farm Canmore, and Spray Lakes.

There have been visits to see a doctor and dentist for checkups and dental work. Both father and mother have had teeth extractions. ESL tutoring for the parents began the week of March 14 and after the Easter break will be held 4 times a week for 2 hours per day. Computer training took place during the week of March 14.

On March 25 we celebrated one of the children’s 5th birthday with some volunteer and interpreters and their families in attendance.

The father will begin some volunteer work on Wednesday by helping pickup food for the food bank and an interview of the father for the purpose of creating a resume is planned for Thursday.

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