Weekly Update: April 20th

The family now has bikes and helmets and have taken riding lessons from one of our volunteers using the learning method without having the pedals on the bikes. Our volunteer reports that the 8 year old has mastered it now and is riding with the pedals on the bike.

The father attended Dad’s night with 5 year old at preschool, Jim Adamson accompanied the two.

Most of the family attended Aggie Days at the stampede grounds on April 9. On April 16 the family attended a daylong event at a NE Mosque.

The children have all seen the dentist and from the reports all except the youngest have major dental issues. Correction for the oldest child will take place in May and for the younger two it will likely be October.

April 18 the parents started the Language Instruction for Newcomers (LINC) program at the YWCA. The program is fully funded by Citizenship & Immigration Canada. The program runs from 9 to 12 and goes to August 6. From one of our volunteers the father is very happy to show off his school binder and appears more relaxed and is playing more with the children. As a result the tutoring for the parents ended and a childcare provider was hired to look after the 5 and 2 year old. The childcare provider speaks English and Arabic. Arrangements are under way to supplement the childcare with visitors. This week the father starts swimming lessons.

On April 13 approximately 25 people attended the Refugee Sponsorship Initiative Information meeting at Scarboro United to hear from Sam Nammoura, co-founder of the Syrian Refugee Support Group and updates from some of our working groups. Sam stated that one of the greatest challenges in this new environment is isolation even though they may be safe, have housing with the cupboards and fridge with foods. We learned that first hand when we left the family alone because we thought they wanted to rest and what they felt was being deserted and left alone.


The family is in need of an iPad, the one they have been using is on loan and will be returned to the owner once the family has one of their own. So if you are thinking of updating your equipment the family would appreciate your used iPad. If you have an iPad to donate please contact Wendy Campbell, Bryon Delarue, Jeanette Petrie, or Marion Wolff.

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