Weekly Update: Apr 6th

On March 30 and April 6 the father volunteered in picking up food for the food bank with one of our volunteers and the comment has been made that the father appears to be very observant and a quick leaner. The father was reacquainted with his rural life as one of the calls was to the Stampede grounds where they are setting up for Aggie Days. As our volunteer stated the father was like a kid in the candy store. On March 31 the father was interviewed for the purposes of creating a resume.

The children have all seen the dentist and from the reports all except the youngest have major dental issues.

Tutoring in English for the parents is running 4 days a week for 2 hours each day.

On Saturday the family enjoyed a couple of hours in Fish Creek Park. The family now have all the bikes they need and will soon be outfitted with helmets and then the learning to ride in a city will be a challenge.

Good intentions are creating problems. Please don’t bring stuff to the house; we have team leads in the various areas who know best what is needed, check first. Bringing sweets to a family that has major dental problems is not helping. There is a plan in place to educate the family on good nutrition. The owner of the house in which our refugee family is living still occupies the basement and garage. Both areas are used for business and the owner requests that all visitors to the family respect his property.

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