Refugee Sponsorship Initiative Update: May 11

The parents have now attended 3 weeks of Language Instruction at the YWCA, downtown and seemed pleased to be learning a new language – they are using more English words all the time. The father is studying a driver’s manual and as one of the children pointed out the book has English and Arabic words. Three of the children played soccer this past week in Parkland and are enjoying it and so are the volunteers that come out to watch the games – they are from 6-7 each Monday and Wednesday until June 22 at the Community fields on Parkland Blvd. They have ½ hour for drills and then ½ hour game. So if you wish to watch a swarm of bees following a flower come out and watch. The father is enrolled in swimming lessons and is enjoying this from what I have been able to determine. The father has expressed an interest in one of the garden plots at the church and that is being explored. On Tuesday May 10, the 8 year old had dental surgery and is reported doing well with little pain and is drinking and eating.

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