Refugee Sponsorship Initiative Update: June 26

Our Syrian Family is doing well and we have seen the generosity of Muslims during Ramadan especially as it has related to our family.

The father and mother are continuing with the first round of an ESL program which ends August 5. The older child who turns 9 in early July will continue in the LEAD program which has been relocated from Braeside to Pembrooke Meadows, he will be on a modified year round calendar. The 6 year old girl will be placed in grade 1 at Andrew Sibbald and the 5 year old boy will be in a half time morning kindergarten program also at Andrew Sibbald. It will be mid July before the school bus system is known. An in-house storybook reading program is being introduced to the family.

The three older children wrapped up the spring soccer program last Wednesday – each of the children scored goals on their final outing and all were pleased to show off their medals. The older three will attend a full day camp at Southland Leisure Centre starting the first week in July.

Dental wise for the mother and eldest son the situation is stable and they have demonstrated they know how to brush their teeth properly and it is hoped this will translate into proper brushing for the rest of the family. The father has fillings that are needed and to date is refusing any further dental work.

Various employment opportunities have been explored and effort is continuing in this area. The importance of being able to speak and understand English is becoming more evident.

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