Refugee Sponsorship Initiative Update: July 20

The children have finished summer camps at Southland Leisure Centre. The first week was a full day camp and the second week a ½ day camp. This week and next all the children are in swimming classes. On the first day, the older 2 boys were both keen to swim and went to their instructors with no problems and they enjoyed their classes. The 5 year girl did not want to put on her bathing suit and said she did not want to swim. Eventually she put on her bathing suit and paddled around in the wading pool and seemed to enjoy that. She did go a short distance into the big pool. The youngest (2 year boy) was very excited before he left home and all the way until he got wet and then started shivering and then his ‘meows’ got louder and sounded like MAMA and so left the pool. He and the volunteer headed to the small tot pool and the warm water and to his delight returned to the dressing room and got dressed. He did not like the showers. Day 2 went much better.

The education team is currently putting together their recommendations regarding ESL for the parents and childcare for the fall.

Small employment opportunities are being explored.

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