Council Minutes (October 4th 2016)

Deer Park United Church- Council Minutes

present:   Marie Parsons(Chair), Rev. Lois Punton (Minister, Presbytery Delegate), Monica Stewart-Bittner(Chair, Elect), Anne Morgan (Ministry and Personnel), Jim Adamson (Social Justice and Outreach), Shirley Blatchford(Member at Large), Dennis Tillotson (Member at Large), Ron Pike (Member at Large), Cathy Herr(Acting Secretary)

Regrets:  Rev. Tom Melvin (Minister), Jan van Egteren (Past Chair), Dave Patterson (Treasurer), Rob McKnight (Sharing our Resources), Chris Stoesz (Spiritual Formation), Darren Poppleton (Member at Large)

Guests:  Byron Delarue

Quorum present. 

1.0 Call to order

Marie Parsons called the meeting to order at 7:05pm

2.0 Devotional

Byron read the devotional story, The Sandpiper.

3.0 Corresponding Privileges

That corresponding privileges be granted to Bryon Delarue

Move by Monica, Seconded by Ron: Carried

MOTION 2016-10-01

4.0 Approval of Agenda

That the agenda be approved as presented

Moved by Anne, Seconded by Monica: Carried

MOTION 2016-10-02

                                                             Attachment #1

5.0 Consent Agenda

      5.1 September 6, 2016 Council Meeting Minutes

That the Minutes of September 6, 2016 meeting be approved as circulated

October 4, 2016 – Fireside Lounge

He also explained that, while the Office Administrator position is responsible for maintaining the Historic Roll (the bound book), there is currently no administrator responsible for entering information in Power Church as to whether a Member has been inactive for a period of time

 We need to have a clearer definition of what constitutes a Member in Good Standing, and what criteria we will use to determine when a Member should be moved from an active to an inactive status

The Historic Rool Review Team was responsible for reviewing the membership list and providing council with a list of individuals who we might want to send letters to, enquiring if they wish to remain members at Deer Park United Church. Unfortunately, Bryon is the only remaining member on the committee at this time

That Bryon will work on updating the Historic Toll document and will bring it back to Council for approval

Moved by Anne, Seconded by Monica: Carried

MOTION 2016-10-04

Attachment #5

Bryon would appreciate any feedback Council members have on or before October 31, 2016

7.0 Community Building

7.1 Refugee Update

Bryon provided council with a more detailed update than he provided for the congregation on Sunday. He described the restructuring of the Refugee Committee, the financial committee to our refugee family, and some of the challenges they have faced. The committee has also formed a “What’s Next” group, since there is sufficient funds to either support another refugee family or to provide assistance to other refugee sponsorship groups that may be short of money. It is most likely that the second option will be pursued.

That in reference to motion 2016-01-06, in which Council supported that Deer Park sponsor a refugee family by participating in a coalition with other congregations, Council acknowledges that the sponsorship of refugees is a mission of Deer Park United Church

moved by Jim. Seconded by Anne: Carried with one Abstention

MOTION 2016-10-05

10.0 Property Update

10.1 Property Cleaning – Fall Cleanup and Outside Windows

Jim will touch base with Rob regarding the cleanup

11.0 Presbytery

11.1 Remits

Council discussed the remits, four of which will need to be voted on no later than the June 2017 meeting of Council, while the vote for the fifth is not required until February 2018

It was decided that we would invite the congregation to some facilitated conversation opportunities so that Council would have feedback to assist us in our voting.

Marie proposeda breakfast event on Octover 30th, to take place prior to the worship service. Council members who are available would act as facilitators and note-takers. The breakfast would begin at 8:30 am, and consist of coffee and muffins.

Marie will make an announcement regarding the conversation opportunities on October 16, 2016

12.0 Other Business

12.1 Council Retreat

Marie proposed that the Council Retreat on Nevember 5, 2016 be a trip out to Canmore to go caving  at the Canmore Cavern “Rats Nest” Cave. Council members would meet at 9 am in Canmore for the guided tour. The experience involves a half hour hike in to the cave, approximately two hours in the cave and a half hour hike out.

Rob, Cathy and Shirley are unable to go. Dennis will consider going. Marie wanted Council members to RSVP to her no later than Sunday

12.2 Council Minutes

Bryon informed Council that, as of the Release of the new Manual, effective September 28 2016. Council Minutes must be made available on the Church website.

12.3 December Council Meeting

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