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- Posted on 29 Mar 2016, Pastor: Tom Melvin

An Affirming Ministry

See Us In Action Photo Gallery

A picture is worth a thousand words”: you’ve heard that before, no doubt. We want to share a selection of photos here to give you an idea of some of the things you might see if you come to visit our church home, attend a service, or participate in a special activity. Consider this to be a virtual visit to Deer Park United!
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Our Services

We offer a variety of opportunities for worship and spiritual growth, whether in the communal Sunday morning services or in special experiences that will enhance your life’s journey.
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Tom’s Corner

Tom writes a blog when the mood strikes him and it has been going out via e-mail to those who have requested that service. Now we are happy to include his musings on this site so you can read the latest as it is posted or sit and read a batch when you have the inclination. We promise there will always be something here to make you think.
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Who We Are


Deer Park United Church is an inclusive, open, and progressive community of faith within the liberal Christian tradition, with its roots in the social gospel.


We take the Bible seriously, but not literally, recognizing that parts of the tradition came out of specific historical circumstances and need re-interpretation for our time.

We believe that a questioning theology is a healthy part of one’s spiritual journey.


We are called to live God’s vision of “Coming alive” by:

loving and serving others;

respecting all creation;

celebrating life;

embracing diversity, such as sexual orientation, gender, age, race, religion, occupation, or socio-economic status;

and challenging injustices to create a safe sanctuary for all people to be themselves.


With this understanding of who we are, we “Come alive through connecting, reflecting, and serving.


Here is the link to the Deer Park Family Camp survey!


Have you attended Deer Park United Family Camps before? Would you like to see an intergenerational family camp happen again? Check out this quick survey at the link here