Deer Park United Church is proud to provide community and congregational social work support. Our friendly congregational care and community engagement coordinator, Kiran Stewart-McKee (RSW) is a graduate of the University of Victoria’s School of Social Work with experience in non-profit and faith based settings. She was called to the social work profession through volunteering in outreach ministries of the United Church in Victoria, BC. Kiran participates in ongoing suicide prevention training and although she does not replace a family doctor, psychiatrist or other medical professional, she is able to provide counselling and support.

Kiran frequently helps to bring in local presentations on topics relating to congregational topics and health. If you have an interest in a particular area and would like to see it represented, please let her know!

Areas of passion include: food accessibility and sustainability, working with the LGBTQ community and their allies, providing ongoing support to those in transitional points in their lives, and helping to navigate “the systems” available to people on low income.

Services Offered:

  • Short term and long term counselling
  • Referrals to community resources (Sleep Country Mattresses, Making Changes/My Best Friend’s Closet, Interfaith Furniture Society). Please make an in person appointment with Kiran in order to access these referrals.
  • Information about local community resources and how to access them
  • LGBTQ support-Kiran is on the Calgary Queer Church Committee   and is happy to provide support and referrals
  • Benevolent Assistance: When and where we can. Kiran is also happy to help with referring and communicating to other non-profit benevolent resources.
  • Help with paperwork and applications; Kiran is also happy to help with proofreading, formatting and photocopying of resumes.
  • Access to Deer Park UC Food Pantry; this is a congregationally run food pantry within the walls of the church. It contains an assortment of non-perishable goods and dry goods. Those in need are welcome to talk to Kiran about accessing this generous resource. Donations are always welcome!
  • Deer Park UC hosts the Community Kitchen program; this is a local program through the Community Kitchen of Calgary and sponsored through the United Way. There is a regular community kitchen (12-14 meals cooked) and a seniors’ community kitchen (3-6 meals cooked at a slower pace). Each group meets twice a month;  once to plan the menu based on what’s on sale in flyers, and once to do the actual cooking. The coordinators of the program do the shopping-no effort is required by the participants! For more information and to sign up, come talk to Kiran in the office.
  • Deer Park UC hosts Spinz A Round twice a month on Thursdays. This is a local program through the Community Kitchen Program of Calgary and sponsored through the United Way. People are welcome to come and connect with people from the community as well as community resource people, learn about financial literacy and other valuable budgeting skills, and pick up free perishable and non-perishable goods. The first Thursday of the month, Spinz starts at 11am, and the third Thursday of the month, Spinz starts at 6pm.
  • Deer Park United Church is proud to host a Calgary Food Bank hamper depot every Thursday from 6:00-8:00pm starting May 5. Individuals and families are able to access up to seven hampers a year (one every thirty days). People are able to self-refer for the first three hampers by calling the Calgary Food Bank’s Hamper Request Line at (403)253-2055 and indicating that they would like to pick up at Deer Park United Church. Kiran is able to make referrals for the last four hampers.  If you need to access a referral, please make an appointment through the Deer Park United Church office at (403) 278-8263 or email Kiran directly at Kiran cannot give referrals out over the phone or through email; in person appointments are required.
  • more resources for free food in Calgary can be found here. and here
  • Deer Park UC is a depot location for the Good Food Box program. This is a monthly program open to anyone; boxes are prepared by the Community Kitchen Program of Calgary. Boxes contain wholesale fruits and vegetables.  These are a great way to access fresh produce on a budget! To order one, please come talk to Kiran in the office anytime before noon on the order day(cash only!)
    •  a small is 20-25 pounds ($25),
    • a medium is 30-35 pounds ($30) and
    • a large is 40-45 pounds ($35)

Order Day

Pickup Day
 Sep 11  Sep 20
Oct 9 Oct 18
Oct 30 Nov 8
Nov 27 Dec 6
No boxes in July, Aug or Dec!


Kiran Stewart-McKee
Social Worker

Kiran is passionate about church programming and social justice work; in particular advocacy work in regards to seniors, mental health, low income services and the LGBT community and their allies. She completed her Bachelor of Arts (History, Women’s Studies) in 2011 and her Bachelor of Social Work in 2014 at the University of Victoria in Victoria, BC. She is excited to be a part of the Deer Park UC team!